• From the White House to the beautiful game, we have two new seasons in August, The Dark Side of the Presidency and a football season. Plus what's coming up on catch-up and on demand including VOD previews and all-new boxsets. 

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  • Secrets of the White House - Monday 29 July

  • Piecing together information from secret sources and a two-hundred-year evolution of the White House, investigative journalists and government insiders weigh in on the mystery of an unusual white box and a top-secret construction project dubbed the 'Big Dig' that took place outside of the West Wing from 2007-2012. Using little known images, previously classified material and detailed graphics, the search for truth reveals not only what secrets might lay below the White House, but how their existence could affect democracy as we know it.

  • Trump Dynasty, Ep 1 - Monday 29 July

  • The Trump Dynasty draws from first-hand accounts and never-before-seen archival footage to examine the life and heritage of the 45th President of the United States. As part of the award-winning Biography series, the documentary spans three generations of the Trump family saga and offers an in-depth exploration of the influences that shaped Donald Trump’s personality, celebrity, and ambition in business and politics. From the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s to the origins of a New York real-estate empire, this 6-hour documentary provides an all-encompassing view of the Trump family that has rarely been seen. The series delves into Donald Trump’s childhood in Queens, his risky move into the world of Manhattan real estate, his notoriety as a bestselling author and reality television star, and the lead up to his 2016 presidential campaign.

  • X- Company, S2 Ep 1 - Wed 28 Aug

  • Set in the thrilling and dangerous world of WWII, X Company follows the stories of five highly skilled young recruits, torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents in an ultra-secret facility.

  • Photos That Changed the World, Ep 1 - 27 August

  • A startling, in-depth look at the most iconic events in recent history through the unique lens of the photographers and images that made them famous, Photos that Changed the World explores the stories behind twelve of the most iconic and unforgettable photos of all time. 

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    - Ancient Aliens S12 - 6th Aug
    - Highway Through Hell S7 - 26th Aug
    - Mafia Killers - 19th Aug
    - The Butcher - 29th Aug

  • Boxsets

  • All new boxsets available from 1 August.

  • The Clinton Affair

  • A six-part examination of the Clinton impeachment scandal of 1998, The Clinton Affair features exclusive interviews with those directly involved. 

  • President's book of secrets

  • Are details of the Roswell incident, a potential 9/11 conspiracy, or the Kennedy assassin handed down from President to President? Experts investigate some of the USA's biggest secrets.

  • A Brief History of Football

  • A Brief History of Football follows Alfie Allen as he explores the defining moments and turning points in the establishment and growth of football in the UK he then looks at football from the First World War onward, as it became embroiled in a power struggle that dragged it from post-war times and into the modern era.

  • Football's Greatest Moments

  • -  Pele, Argentina And The Dictators: The story of how, in the 1970 and 1978 World Cups, Brazil and Argentina's military dictators took a vested interest in their nation's football dreams
    -  Return To Turin: Italia 90: The most incredible and significant moments of the 1990 Italy World Cup often referred to as 'The Beautiful Tournament.'
    -  The Three Musketeers: France '98: The story of three of the most popular names in football, who, at the World Cup tournament in France '98, came of age in very contrasting ways
    -  Bring Me The Head Of Diego Maradona: For some he is the most sublime footballing talent ever know for others, the epitome of everything that's rotten in the game
    -  7 Goals that Shocked the World: A look back to the 2014 World Cup, where in the semi-finals, at Brazil's footballing cathedral, La Macarana, the host nation was torn apart by seven goals from a keen German side

  • Football Godfathers

  • Geoff Shreeves talks to some of Footballs biggest names about their careers and the highs and lows of Football. The talent line-up includes: Louis van Gaal, Gerard Houllier, Claudio Ranieri, Roy Hodgson & Sven Goran Eriksson.

  • A fifth of Brits think JK Rowling should be knighted, according to HISTORY's Knightfall survey.

    The Harry Potter author, tops the poll as the star who should have a royal accolade bestowed on them.

    A further one in six Brits would like to see Stephen Fry pick up the title, while Joanna Lumley was another popular choice.

    HISTORY commissioned the research, to launch series two of Knightfall, starting Tuesday 2nd July at 9pm. 

  • Many Brits believe a knighthood is the ultimate honour, and it’s no surprise to see national treasures like Stephen Fry and JK Rowling at the top of our list. They’ve both contributed enormously to society, and appear to be hardworking and decent people, which the public values greatly.

    However, the British public willing something doesn’t always make it so, as there is a very complicated procedure in place to make people knights or dames.

    JK Rowling has already been given the Order of the Companion of Honour, appearing in the Queen’s birthday list in 2017, but is yet to make full dame-hood.

    Just under a tenth also think David Beckham should finally be made a Sir.

    Forty-five per cent of those polled believe a knight or damehood is the highest honour a person can possibly have.

    Four in 10 say in order to earn one, the recipient must have done something that betters mankind.

    A quarter think that person must be a good role model for children, and 36 like their knights or dames to have performed an incredible act of bravery.
    One in five want their knights and dames to make them feel ‘proud to be British’.

    Twenty per cent of the population confess to looking forward to the lists of honours coming out each year, so they can see if their favourites made it.
    However, not all Brits agree with the concept of knighthoods, with 35 per cent of respondents believing women should be knighted exactly the same as men, rather than being made dames.

    And almost half of the population think the entire concept is ‘old fashioned’, with 29 per cent saying they’d turn down the offer it if was given to them.

    Thirty-two per cent even say they respect those that have been offered a knighthood and turned it down, such as scientist Stephen Hawking.

    Three-quarters of Brits polled via OnePoll.com also confess to having no idea what the differences are between a CBE, OBE and MBE.

    The concept of knighthoods is something with deep roots in British hisdtory. But while knights like the ones in our show Knightfall do things very differently to knights and dames today, often they have many similar attributes. Honour and respect are traits that are just as important now as they were centuries ago.