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'ROYAL AUTOPSY' - Alice Roberts next to a skeleton wearing a crown

Royal Autopsy

Tuesdays at 9pm

The second series of Royal Autopsy sees anatomist and biological anthropologist Professor Alice Roberts rejoin Home Office Pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer to lead a unique investigation into the cause of death of four more British Monarchs: King George IV, Mary Tudor, King Henry IV and Queen Anne.

Through state-of-the-art reconstruction based on contemporaneous medical records, each episode sees Professor Alice Roberts and Dr Brett Lockyer conduct autopsy simulations on each of the monarchs using a blend of prosthetic bodies, actors, toxicology testing and forensic analysis. Their findings, together with Professor Roberts’ interpretation of historical eyewitness accounts, shed startling new light on their final days.

With a combination of historical evidence and modern medical expertise, Professor Roberts and Dr Lockyer uncover the secrets and explore the theories regarding the causes behind the monarchs’ deaths centuries ago.

Professor Alice Roberts said: 'I’m beyond thrilled that Royal Autopsy is back for a second series and four new investigations. It’s such a unique historical approach to examine, not just the key events of a monarch’s reign, but actually how they lived and suffered as mere mortals. I’m very proud to be a part of it.'