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An actor portraying Queen Anne being comforted in bed

How to watch 'Royal Autopsy'

The second series of 'Royal Autopsy' will investigate the deaths of four famous monarchs - George IV, Mary I, Henry IV and Queen Anne.

Image: The death of Queen Anne is investigated in episode four | Royal Autopsy

Royal Autopsy is returning to Sky HISTORY for a second series of investigations into the causes of death of four more British monarchs.

Professor Alice Roberts and forensic pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer will conduct autopsy simulations on each monarch – King George IV, Queen Mary I, King Henry IV and Queen Anne – using a blend of prosthetic bodies, toxicology testing and forensic analysis. The evidence will be presented alongside detailed historical research to reach a conclusion on how they died.

Their dying days are also brought to life through premium scripted dramas that are based on eyewitness accounts sourced from the time.

This combination of historical evidence and modern medical expertise will shine new light on the lives of monarchs from centuries ago and explore the secrets behind the deaths of the country’s most powerful individuals.

How to watch Royal Autopsy?

The second series of Royal Autopsy aired in April 2024 on Sky HISTORY. Viewers can watch Sky HISTORY on Sky 123 (Scotland 124), Sky Glass / Sky Stream 115 and Virgin 131.

Is Royal Autopsy available on demand?

Each episode of Royal Autopsy is available on demand to Sky and Virgin customers. The first series of Royal Autopsy, which featured the monarchs Charles II and Elizabeth I, is available to watch on demand now.

Both series are also streaming now on HISTORY Play.