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Knightfall stars add strings to their bows

Having previously covered edged blades such as Iron Age axes and a Saxon knife, it was time for Forged in Britain to look at a more subtle historical recreation – something that could perhaps have been found in medieval France amongst the Christian Crusader forces of the day.

Simon Merrells (Tancrede) and Clementine Nicholson (Princess Margeret) try their hand at making medieval arrow heads.

Knightfall stars Simon Merrells, who plays Templar Knight Tancrede, and Clementine Nicholson, who plays real-life French royal Queen Margeret, swap the sword-swinging historical drama for the hammer-swinging of BushFire Forge as they try their hand at creating arrowheads.

Forged in Britain's master bladesmith Owen Bush puts them through the paces in what is a test of artistic flair as much as strength in creating an intricate yet deadly historic weapon.

You’ll have to watch the film to find out whether Simon or Clementine end up on top in the arrowhead forging stakes. Although don’t be surprised if you spot a Tancrede-Margeret workshop collaboration in the background of the Knightfall set. If the latest season is anything to go by then there must be big money in making weapons in medieval France…

Previously, Owen has shown Olympic long-jumper, Greg Rutherford, the age-old art of bladesmithing, while Knightfall’s historical consultant Dan Jones buddied up with Rick Edwards to create Iron Age axe heads.

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