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Hamilton White

Hamilton’s large and eclectic collection started to come together when he began trading as a child using his pocket money the collection covers a wide range of subjects from the prehistoric period to 1960s art. A long term fascination has been the study of weapons and associated items from the Celtic, Viking and early medieval period. He has at his workshop a selection of cars and motorcycles undergoing restoration and numerous other projects under development.

After an intense last few years with “The Tomar Hoard”, Hamilton is dividing his time between his property on the Iberian Peninsula where he is developing a nature reserve and the Caribbean where he is diving on some previously unrecorded wreck sites. Whilst in the Caribbean he will divert to Nassau, location of “The Heritage Museum of the Bahamas”, the museum he founded to display his collection of historical artefacts relating to the region. Here visitors can see a wide-ranging selection of items from the colonial era, slavery, piracy and other unusual artefacts.

Later in 2020, Hamilton will be turning his attention to the next project, the setting up of an exhibition in Russia to loan out his collection of holocaust and WW2 items. This will be the first exhibition of its type ever

held in Russia and he is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. As part of this, there will be an unveiling of a unique and important WW2 relic last seen in Berlin in 1945. Hamilton does not shy away from controversial subjects and this exhibition is likely to attract global interest.