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Forged in Britain's Owen Bush working at his forge

Meet Owen Bush in Forged in Britain

Forged in Britain continues this week with a bladesmith who has over twenty years of experience. Expect fire, hammering and heat as Owen Bush shows HISTORY around his workshop.

Owen Bush | Forged In Britain

Ever since he can remember Owen was playing with forging tools. Once he reached his early twenties, with the support of his parents, Owen decided to get professional training in the ancient craft of bladesmithing. The decision paid off.

Now, based in Kent, the 45-year-old specialises in making Saxon pattern welded swords, Viking axes and kitchen knives. Owen, who acts as an unofficial spokesperson for the UK blacksmithing community, is widely regarded as one of the top blacksmiths in the country.

Simon Merrells (Tancrede) and Clementine Nicholson (Princess Margeret) swap sword-swinging Knightfall for the hammer-swinging of forging as they try their hand at making medieval arrow heads.

Owen also runs his own school of bladesmithing, the Bushfire Forge School of Smithing, where you can learn the craft from one of the best in the businesses. He describes his approach as “very contemporary,” and one that tries “to add a current perspective to creating man’s oldest tool.”

"It's very easy to become completely obsessed," says Owen in this week's episode of Forged in Britain, "you can get absolutely lost in the craft." Judging by the results of his work this can only be a good thing. Watch the episode below.

Owen Bush Tour De Forge

Forged in Britain

Forged in Britain is a brand new and exclusive series of shorts. In each episode, HISTORY meets five of Britain's leading forgers each who have their own unique approach to this ancient craft. Each week, the forgers demonstrate how they create new blades and share their knowledge on the item they have made. You can catch the series on Thursdays at 9pm during episodes of Forged in Fire, but also online the day after.