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Greg Rutherford in Forged In Britain

Olympic champion and Forged In Fire superfan, Greg Rutherford is more used to winning gold than forging steel, so we decided to test his mettle with a blacksmithing master class with king of the Saxon long knife, Owen Bush.

In this Forged In Britain short film, Greg learns the rudiments of blacksmithing and talks about why he's so passionate about the show.

Even though it was his first time in the forge, we didn't treat him with kid gloves and tasked him with working on a formidable blade. A sporting legend deserves to work on a legendary blade, so under the guidance of former Forged in Britain alumni Owen Bush, Greg worked on a seax - a beautifully ornate yet functional, historic knife.

The term seax derives from Old English and denotes a sword dagger which could come in a variety of lengths up to that of a sword. Most newcomers to blacksmithing might be lucky to work on a toasting fork but Greg got to experience the full Forged in Fire experience from creating a blade to testing it. Though we didn't have Doug Marcaida on hand or a ballistic dummy, Greg certainly proved that the seax blade could definitely cut.

Greg Rutherford in Forged In Britain

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