Forged in Fire

From Doom to Zelda, 10 video game swords that would make it to the Forge

Star of "Doom" Dwayne Johnson, could he handle Zelda's Master Sword?

Sci-Fi Movie Season continues this weekend on BLAZE with 2005 hit Doom starring Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock."

This science fiction action horror flick - based on the video game series of the same name - sees Johnson leading a group of marines to a research facility on Mars, but when the genetically engineered monsters step out of line battle ensues. The crew turn to their weapons, guns, grenades and swords in an attempt to get out of the sticky situation.

Any Doom gamers out there will know weapons are something the game does very well and this got us thinking, would BLAZE favourite chief sword maker Doug Marcaida be impressed with Dooms swords? And what other video game swords might take his fancy? Can you smell what the Forge is cooking? 

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