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Kelly Blanchard and Denny Chapman from History's original series, Top Shot.

It's Bake Off with Bullets

While there are many things the English can do better than the US, football, voting systems and crisps, shooting guns is not one of them. There are hundreds of shooting ranges across the US making it a popular pastime for many Americans. It’s fair to say that the US would win this competition hands down - or hands up if we’re talking guns - but what if you put Americans against themselves? Welcome to Top Shot the competition show that does exactly this.

Sixteen of America’s best marksmen and women have been chosen to compete for the title of Top Shot with the winner pocketing a hefty $100,000 prize. To win, the contestants are facing a series of challenges to test their skills to the max.

Taking inspiration from Forged in Fire, or Bake of with Blades as we’re fond of calling it, the show follows a similar format only this time the killing device is guns rather than medieval swords. The show has lots of the best bits from Forged in Fire, competitions, deadly weapons and Americans taking themselves very seriously.

One such contestant is 38-year-old Mike Seeklander who not has a great name but is also a former marine. He tells the show “I’ve been training to do something like this for 20-years of my life, I’m going to perform very well because I’m good with everything,” you can’t knock his confidence. There’s also J.J. Racaza who describes himself as a double grand master in the world of shooting. While we’re not entirely sure what a double grand master is, it is very impressive and as a result we expect JJ to go far in the comp and make it a triple.

You can catch the show weekdays on HISTORY at 5pm just before Forged in Fire giving you a double bill of American combat shows. And heads up, look out for Iain Harrison a former British Army Captain who is full of confidence. Come on Harrison, the hopes of a nation are resting on your shoulders…