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The lost land swamped by the sea! - Curse Of The Ancients

Map showing the lost land of Doggerland

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During the Bronze Age, the world entered a dark age during this period of brilliant architecture, literature, and the arts. Then, most of these great civilisation abruptly fell into ruin, never to rise again. The devastating the catastrophes that Professor Alice Roberts describes as scientists are learning more about what happened to these civilisation and shedding new light on how they shaped the modern world. In Curse of the Ancients, Professor Alice Roberts takes viewers on a journey across Europe and North Africa to discover epic sites and landmarks - fabulous cities abandoned, battlefields long forgotten and sophisticated civilisations toppled and lost to the mists of time. To our ancient ancestors, suffering these catastrophic events, it must have seemed they were cursed but science is now exploding those myths and re-writing history.