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Mystery Season on Sky HISTORY


Mystery Season returns in January and February with a packed schedule of brand-new programmes exploring some of the greatest, most enduring mysteries in the world. The UK premiere Craig Charles UFO Conspiracies tops the bill, investigating some of the world’s most jaw-dropping and recent unexplained UFO sightings. The Lagina brothers return for Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island in their search for the treasures rumoured to be hidden on the mysterious island. Peter Stormare is back for a second series in his quest to uncover the true origin of the Kensington Runestone which may lead to new revelations about the origins of North America in Secrets of the Viking Stone. William Shatner’s season 2 of The UnXplained and Lance Reddick’s America’s Book of Secrets feature as part of a collection of programming which also features UK premieres of Secrets in the Ice series 2, The Real Hunt for Red October and I Saw It: Bigfoot and Beyond.