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The Strongest Man In History: episodes

Image: The Strongest Men in History

Episode 1: Stronger Than A Viking

In the bitter cold of Moorhead, Minnesota the four strongmen struggle to test their strength against Viking legends. Can they lift the gigantic 1433 pound mast of a Viking Warrior--that broke his back and killed him?

Episode 2: Stronger Than A Russian

In Georgia, the four take on the legendary feats of Paul Anderson–the Godfather of American strength. Can they perform the dreaded 2,700 pound carousel hip lift that made Paul famous on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’?

Episode 3: One Tonne Lift

The strongmen are in the United Kingdom -- home of Eddie Hall and Britain's original strongman--Thomas Topham. Nick refuses to back down as he and Brian go head-to-head in a dangerous barrel lifting competition.

Episode 4: Strongest Go West

The strongmen are in Cody, Wyoming–home of Buffalo Bill’s Rough Riders–and a strongman who performed with them named William Bankier. When a race of carrying pianos goes wrong, Nick’s life is on the line…

Episode 5: Stronger Than A Scotsman

The strongmen take on the Highland Games and attempt a record-breaking feat that could land them all in the Scottish history books. Super-Heavyweights Robert and Brian go head-to-head to settle things once and for all.

Episode 6: Strongmen Go To Vegas

The strongmen are in Las Vegas, Nevada–home of Nick Best, to take on the greatest showman in strongman history, Monte Saldo. Can they draw a crowd and out-do Saldo’s death-defying car stunt?

Episode 7: Revolutionary Strongman

The strongmen travel to Virginia to take on the feats of strength of the American Revolution. It’s the UK versus the US as they race to see who can throw a tonne of tea into a harbour, and carry a cannon off of a battlefield.