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Gary finds a piece of jewellery

While waiting for a permit that would allow him and his team to search Lake Michigan for a sunken box car (potentially full of lost Confederate Civil War gold) treasure hunter Kevin Dykstra and his team have been researching other places where additional Civil War gold could have been hidden in the chaotic final days of the Civil War.

According to Kevin Dykstra's extensive research, the gold that he believes lies hidden on the bed of Lake Michigan was once part of the Confederate treasury. Kevin Dykstra believes it was seized by members of the 4th Michigan Cavalry during their arrest of President Jefferson Davis in Irwinville, Georgia on May 10, 1865. Despite the fact that many mainstream historians believe that the Confederacy was nearly bankrupt at the end of the Civil War - and that President Jefferson Davis had no treasure or gold with him at the time of his arrest - Kevin Dykstra and his research team have recently discovered new and important information and evidence.

Kevin Dykstra, his brother Al and Gary Drayton investigate the area where Carlene Ingram (a local resident) claimed her great-great-grandfather kept finding a number of gold coins for years after the Civil War ended. Although they didn't find gold bars or silver coins, Kevin and his team discovered enough evidence to convince them that stories of the Confederate treasury being scattered throughout the United States could very well be true. If so, it would mean that the gold bars he's hoping to recover from the bottom of Lake Michigan represent only the tip of an incredible multimillion-dollar iceberg.

For Kevin Dykstra and his team, the search for lost Civil War gold has become bigger and more challenging than they could have ever previously imagined. What began as a deathbed confession concerning a boxcar filled with stolen gold has become a trail of clues, and a mystery begging to be solved. (S2E5)