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10 Lost Tresaures That Can Still Be Found

A treasure chest, full of gold | Image: Shutterstock

Billion Dollar Wreck’s expert team might have the RMS Republic’s alleged billion dollars accounted for, but the good news is, there’s still plenty of missing treasure out there to get your hands on.

There’s every chance you’ll find the following 10 missing treasures, succeeding where actually experienced hunters before you have failed. Here’s a countdown of ten famous lost treasures and where you may have a chance of finding them:

1. Lake Toplitz’s Nazi Treasure

The Nazis dumped a lot of treasure in the lake before feeling the Allies. No one knows what exactly, but it’s probably worth a lot.

2. Forrest Fenn’s Collection

This one comes with readymade clues so is just begging to be found. Diagnosed with cancer, Forrest Fenn decided to bury his collection of artefacts, worth around $1-3 billion, and stage a mass treasure hunt for the general public. So far, the public’s proved lacking, but there are plenty of blogs detailing unsuccessful hunts, so consider the groundwork done for you.

3. Butch Cassidy’s Stash

The world’s most famous outlaw buried $20,000 somewhere in the Irish Canyon in Colorado. How big can that be?

4. Fabergé Eggs

Confiscated when Russia’s Royals were overthrown in 1917, most of these 52 eggs were stored or sold. However, eight of them have gone missing and remain unfound. One remaining egg was sold for $8.9 million in 2007 and that is why you care.

5. The Golden Owl

A man going by the pseudonym of ‘Max Valentin’ announced he had hidden a golden owl in the French countryside, offering 1 million francs to whoever found it. Valentin has since died, but in better news, he reported in 1997 that the owl was still there, which means you have a chance of finding it. Unless it was all a hoax.

6. John Dillinger’s Cash

Outlaw John Dillinger is rumoured to have stashed $200,000 in small bills in a suitcase only a few hundred yards from his hiding place in Little Bohemia Lodge, Wisconsin. Shot soon after, he didn’t get a chance to recover it.

7. Oak Island

It’s said there’s a pit on this small island that is the location of Blackbeard’s treasure. Although, the pit has been excavated several times, six people dying in the process, and nothing has been found.

8. Thomas Beale’s Gold

Thomas Beale discovered treasure in the Rocky Mountains, hid it and wrote three ciphers revealing its location, the contents and who to give it to, passing these on to a Virginian innkeeper. Unfortunately, Beale never returned and the only cipher they managed to crack was the one detailing what the treasure is.

9. Knights Templar’s Treasure

Trust warrior monks to accumulate huge wealth and then disappear with it entirely. Clues suggest it’s also buried on Oak Island.

10. Copper Scrolls

The Copper Scrolls are said to detail the whereabouts of 64 separate treasures, although they’re not specific enough to have been of any use to anyone. Yet…