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Laurence Fishburne

What to watch on HISTORY Play in May?

Laurence Fishburne | Image: History's Greatest Mysteries

It’s time to dust down the Maypoles and stock up on sun cream because Mayday is upon us and summer is right around the corner. But if going to village fetes and watching morris dancers is not your cup of tea, then there’s plenty of incredible shows coming to HISTORY Play to keep you entertained this month. Who needs to go outside when you can watch ten people fighting for survival in the remote Canadian mountains instead?

HISTORY Play is the number one place to catch up on all of Sky HISTORY’s incredible award-winning documentaries and factual television shows. New original seasons are being added every month so you never have to watch the same show twice (unless you really want to). The extensive catalogue is available as part of Amazon’s line-up of Prime Video Channels in the UK and Europe for just £3.99 per month.

Alone – Season 8

The brand-new season of the adventure reality show Alone comes to HISTORY Play on 1 May. Officially titled Alone: Grizzly Mountain, this is perhaps the most treacherous competition yet. Contestants are dropped along the shores of Chilko Lake, a remote glacial lake in the Coast Mountains, British Columbia, 3,800 feet above sea level.

It’s unlike any other reality show on television as the participants must self-document their wilderness quest with nothing more than a small backpack of supplies. No camera crew. No gimmicks. Last one standing wins a $500,000 prize. Competing is not for the faint of heart, but it is perfect viewing for a quiet night in with the leftover Easter chocolate.

Book of Secrets with Lance Reddick – Season 4

The United States of America is the self-proclaimed land of freedom and opportunity. But just how true is this really and what secrets are the authorities hiding from the people. Book of Secrets with Lance Reddick investigates the country’s deeper history and reveals the stories that have been shrouded from public view. It’s sure to change the way we picture the world forever.

Season 4 is also being added to HISTORY Play on 1 May to lift the lid on multiple government programs, including mind control, extra-terrestrial contact, and doomsday scenarios. It wraps up with an episode about the hottest topic of the past two years: COVID-19 and how the world had grown complacent to the threat of deadly pandemics.

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch – Season 2

Skinwalker Ranch in Utah is one of the biggest hotspots for paranormal and UFO activity in the US. For more than two centuries, hundreds of sightings have been recorded and secret government investigations have repeatedly failed to identify the cause. The legendary property has since been opened to a team of experts who are delving beneath the surface to find out what lies below.

Astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor returns for the second season, which will be available on HISTORY Play from 1 May, to continue his research. What begins with experiments on the ground soon turns into an exploration of the sky and shocking reports of unidentified aerial phenomena.

History’s Greatest Mysteries – Season 2

Narrated and hosted by legendary actor Laurence Fishburne History’s Greatest Mysteries sheds light on the most significant secrets and enigmas from recent years. Season 2 delves into a brand-new late of unanswered mysteries in an attempt to uncover some truths. Viewers can join the investigation on HISTORY Play from 23 May.

What happens in the Bermuda Triangle? Is there a World War Two German U-Boat filled stolen artwork and antiquities? Is there more to Bruce Lee’s death than meets the eye? These questions and more are answered during the astonishing season.

This is just a taste of all the new content coming to HISTORY Play this month. Discover the full list of titles below.

1 May

  • Alone - Season 8
  • Ancient Aliens – Season 13
  • Book of Secrets with Lance Reddick - Season 4
  • Brad Meltzer’s Decoded – Season 1 & 2
  • Curse of Skinwalker Ranch - Season 2
  • The Curse of Oak Island: Digging Deeper – Season 7

8 May

  • Cities of the Underworld – Season 4

23 May

  • History's Greatest Mysteries - Season 2