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Rick and Marty Lagina star in The Curse Of Oak Island

HISTORY Play: Highlights

Rick and Marty Lagina star in The Curse Of Oak Island

HISTORY Play is the number one place to access award-winning documentaries and factual television shows on demand. The extensive catalogue is available as part of Amazon’s lineup of Prime Video Channels in the UK and Europe for just £3.99/€3.99 per month.

The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down – Season 8

Fan-favourite The Curse of Oak Island has returned for its highly anticipated ninth season. But do you need to catch up on the rest of the story so far? Not only are the last two seasons available to stream on HISTORY Play, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down Season 8 is available as well. This spin-off show gives exclusive behind the scenes access to the expedition, revisits some of the best moments and looks ahead to what secrets might be uncovered beneath the island’s surface.

Ancient Aliens – Season 2, 3 & 12

Ancient Aliens is the must-watch show for all extraterrestrial enthusiasts and everyone who is fascinated by the possibility of alien life. In modern times, we’re all wondering if humans will ever make contact with ETs. But what if we already have? Ancient Aliens explores the hypothesis that aliens have already visited Earth during antiquity and prehistoric times.

From the age of the dinosaurs and ancient Egypt all the way through to modern day, there have been strange occurrences that continue to confuse even the most reliable experts. Cave drawings depicting strange creatures appear the world over, but what inspired them?

Hunting Nazi Treasure

You might not know that during WWII Adolf Hitler was also obsessed with amassing the world’s greatest art collection. During his rampage through Europe, the dictator looted countless priceless treasures. But what happened to this hoard after the fascist empire fell? Follow the savvy team of investigators as they work to hunt down the hundreds of thousands of paintings and artefacts stolen by the Nazis during the war.

Swamp People: Serpent Invasion – Season 2

Brand new episodes of Swamp People: Serpent Invasion will be sure to get your heart racing. In season two aggressive, ravenous, and incredibly fast-breeding pythons are taking over the Florida Everglades, and are wiping out entire species in the process. With alligator season over, ‘King of the Swamp’ Troy Landry and his crack team of expert hunters head to the Sunshine State to capture these sinister beasts.

National Park Mysteries – Season 2

If you’re a fan of strange and sometimes unexplained occurrences in rural North America, then National Park Mysteries will be right up your alley. This thrilling series gives first person accounts of extraordinary phenomena in the most remote areas. From occult murders and lost planes to alien portals and secret military ops, National Park Mysteries is sure to have a chilling story for everyone.

Salvage Kings – Season 2

Do you want to save money, recycle more and just generally be less wasteful in 2022? Then you could probably do with taking a leaf out of the Priestly Demolition team’s book. Hard hats at the ready because season 2 of Salvage Kings gives an in-depth look at the fast-paced and high adrenaline demolition industry. It’s a race against the clock as Ted Finch and his crew tear down abandoned buildings and seek to recover whatever has been left inside.

Hunt for the Skinwalker

Skinwalker Ranch is a location famous the world over for its seemingly never-ending instances of paranormal and UFO-related activity. Curse of Skinwalker Ranch has quickly become must-see television on Sky HISTORY, so why not dive deeper into this mysterious plot of land by checking out Hunt for the Skinwalker. This documentary film investigates the numerous claims of unexplained phenomena that have taken place at Skinwalker Ranch over the years. It includes testimony from locals, friends of previous owners, and, bizarrely, Robbie Williams.

Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret

The Disclosure Project has been fighting to uncover the truth behind hundreds of UFOs sighting that have been allegedly covered up by the US government. Founder Dr. Steven Greer has been on this mission for almost three decades and is ready to share his findings with the world.

Unacknowledged comprehensively list some of the biggest cover-ups in US history. Viewers are transported behind the veil of secrecy and shown how past presidents, the CIA and Pentagon have been sidelined by criminal elements within the military-industrial-financial complex.

'UFOs: Secret Missions Exposed', 'UFOs: The White House Files' and 'UFOs: Top Secret Alien Files'

There is plenty of extraterrestrial content to keep you entertained as three of the UFO specials are available on demand. Hosted by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator Jeremy Ray, these shows dive deep into some of the biggest conspiracies inside the US government. Are the presidents being kept in the dark about UFOs or have they been commissioning top-secret missions to space? Each show features dramatic re-enactments of some cases that have been kept top secret for decades.

Ancient Discoveries – Seasons 1 & 2

Ancient Discoveries investigates whether certain modern procedures and technologies were originally prototyped by our ancestors. Was brain surgery possible in the 1st century, at the same time as the invention of automatic doors? How did ancient Greeks use a massive tower on wheels to win the fiercest battles?

Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden

Revealed: The Hunt for Bin Laden was created to mark the 20th anniversary of the devastating 9/11 attacks in New York City. The groundbreaking documentary tells the story of the biggest manhunt in history. Using interviews and stories told in The National September 11 Memorial Museum, viewers are walked through every stage of the operation, from the deployment of intelligence and the important decisions made as the Navy SEALs converged on the compound in Pakistan.

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation – Season 2

For decades the US government has covered up its efforts to investigate the existence of UFOs. However, the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was made public in 2017 and confirmed that authorities were looking into sightings. Unfortunately, it raised more questions than it answered.

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation was commissioned for a second season when the US Navy confirmed that clips from the show were authentic cases of unexplained aerial phenomena. Season two covers a wide range of subjects like interplanetary threats, UFOs in combat, and the recent surge in sightings.

Mythical Beasts

Fantasy movies, television shows and novels have popularised countless mythical creatures. However, many people might not know that stories about these beasts have been around for centuries. So where did these tales come from? Experts reveal the origins by looking at the history of creatures like dragons, sea monsters and cyclops, as well as some that you might not know. You’ll be able to find out if there is actually some truth behind these frightening myths.

Secret History of Comics – Season 1

If you’re more interested in superheroes than the supernatural then Secret History of Comics is the show for you. Hosted by co-creator of Walking Dead Robert Kirkman, this six-part documentary explores the amazing stories and people that have transformed the world of comic books. It is available to watch for all loyal comic book fans and features interviews with the late Stan Lee.

Battle 360 – Season 1

The USS Enterprise is one of the most iconic names in US naval history, with a total of eight vessels bearing its name over time. Perhaps the most famous iteration came during World War II with the 809-foot aircraft carrier that saw significant action, especially around the Pacific Ocean. Japanese forces announced three times throughout the war that the Enterprise had been sunk. They were wrong on every occasion.

Using computer animation, archive footage, and exclusive interviews with crew members and historians, Battle 360 tells the story of the Enterprise during the war. From the attack on Pearl Harbour through to the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of World War II, the show gives an unparalleled look at the iconic vessel and its actions.