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Witches of Salem

10 free episodes you can watch on HISTORY Play in October 2023

Here are all of the free episodes you can watch on this month on HISTORY Play

Image: Witches of Salem

HISTORY Play is the number one place to catch up on incredible award-winning documentaries and factual television shows. New original seasons are being added every month, so you never have to watch the same show twice.

The extensive catalogue is available as part of Amazon’s line-up of Prime Video Channels in the UK and Europe for just £3.99 per month. Every month, 10 episodes are available to watch for free, so you can get a taste of the variety of content that is streaming on HISTORY Play.

Make sure you act fast though because the free offer on these episodes must end on 31 October.

Curse of Skinwalker Ranch – Season 4, Episode 1

For more than 200 years, Utah’s infamous Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of hundreds of instances of paranormal activity. In Curse of Skinwalker Ranch, scientists use the latest in cutting-edge technology, like ground-penetrating radar and drones, to seek the most shocking discoveries.

A new year of investigations begins on Skinwalker Ranch in season four. However, work gets off to a tricky start when members of the team confront Dr Travis Taylor over a secret that he’s kept from them for two years.

Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter – Season 1, Episode 1

In Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter, the BAFTA award-winning documentary-maker uncovers Britain’s hidden maritime past by diving on a series of incredible shipwrecks. From the remains of a slave ship discovered off the coast of Plymouth to the Kaiser’s sunken Imperial Fleet in Scapa Flow, Ross reveals some of the nation’s murkiest and best-kept secrets.

The opening episode sees Ross complete his specialist SCUBA training under the expert tutelage of diver supervisor Neil Brock. He then heads up to the Royal Navy’s historic naval base in the far northerly Orkney Islands to tell the story of his shipwrecked relatives.

Alone: Polar Bear Island – Season 9, Episode 1

Alone is the toughest reality show on television, as ten survivalists are dropped into a remote wilderness with incredibly limited supplies. Season nine sees the contestants battle the harshest weather conditions yet. Along the lower reaches of the Big River in Labrador, Canada, they must endure wet, snowy, merciless conditions in their fight to claim the $500,000 prize.

Episode one sees the survivalists struggle to acclimate to their new home. Meanwhile, one of the deadliest predators in the world, the polar bear, begins to circle their camps.

Witches of Salem – Season 1, Episode 1

Witches of Salem unravels the hysteria that unfolded during the Salem witch trials and led to the execution of 20 women in an affluent New England community. This docu-drama is a real-life horror story with young teenage girls tragically accused and convicted by the shadowy adults lurking in the background.

Satan allegedly comes to Salem in the series’ opening episode. An inexplicable evil torments the young girls of Reverend Samuel Parris’ household before spreading through the rest of Salem. This leads to the afflicted making some very serious witchcraft accusations.

Cursed Treasures – Season 1, Episode 1

Since the dawn of civilisation, mankind has created treasures that celebrate and revere their leaders. Yet the fall of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome left the whereabouts of their greatest riches unknown. Cursed Treasures is a thrilling new series that travels the world in search of some of the most famous treasures in history. From the Terracotta Army to the Amber Room, all these objects have both mesmerised and terrorised those who have pursued them.

Episode one journeys from Ancient Egypt, when the Pharaohs ruled, through to Anglo-Saxon England to uncover the most famous curses in history. This includes the curse of the Staffordshire Hoard, a huge collection of seventh-century gold and silver found in a field in 2015.

The Curse of Oak Island - Season 10, Episode 1

The Curse of Oak Island is one of the most popular shows on HISTORY Play. Rick and Marty Lagina attempt to uncover the mysteries of Oak Island, a small land mass in Nova Scotia. Local experts help them explore the history, mythology and geography of the island to find out what is hiding beneath the surface.

After a decade of searching, the Lagina brothers and the rest of the team return to Oak Island and immediately uncover evidence of a tunnel in the Money Pit. Meanwhile, the Fellowship gets a closer look at an underground structure and a potential trip to the UK is on the cards. There's no doubt that they are getting closer to solving the mystery.

Storage Wars – Season 14, Episode 1

Storage unit auctions are the newest and biggest untapped source of hidden treasures. In Storage Wars, professional buyers go to auctions and explore storage units in search of lucrative items that could fetch them a big profit. They bid on unclaimed properties with the hope of striking gold.

Season 14 gets underway with the buyers trying their luck at a new facility in La Habra. Dusty brews himself up an interesting unit while Kenny weighs the value of childhood memories in selecting a locker.

What On Earth – Season 5, Episode 1

Hundreds of satellites orbit Earth and capture the world like it’s never been seen before, revealing phenomena that defy explanation. What On Earth explores these unusual images as scientists attempt to explain the mysteries seen from space.

Episode one of season five takes viewers on an investigation into the haunting history of the town that time forgot. Meanwhile, it’s time to look into a series of unexplained circles in the New Mexico desert and a possible clue to extra-terrestrial life in the Arctic.

Ancient Aliens – Season 15, Episode 1

In one of the world’s favourite extraterrestrial television shows, Ancient Aliens examines 75 million years of the most credible evidence found here on Earth. Historians investigate the events, legends and texts that may point towards previous contact between humans and alien life.

Season 15 kicks off by investigating the phenomena of ‘UFO Hotspots’. Studies have shown that up to 70% of all UFO sightings happen in so-called ‘hotspots’ where reports of visions, mysterious lights and strange occurrences are regularly witnessed. Could there be something about these locations that attracts extraterrestrial visitors, not just in modern times but dating back thousands of years?

Decoding the Past – Season 1, Episode 1

From Nostradamus and Da Vinci to the Bible, Decoding the Past investigates the most amazing prophets, prophecies, signs and wonders to follow the trail of secrets codes and clues that have attempted to predict the future.

The first episode looks to answer one of the most mysterious questions in human history. Does the Bermuda Triangle truly have mysterious powers or is it just a normal patch of ocean? Experts take the time to analyse the stories of strange disappearances in the Triangle in their search for answers.