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Caveman Rob and Adam Thorn hold their arms after being stung

10 free episodes you can watch on History PLAY in March 2023

Make sure you act fast though because the free offer on these episodes must end on 31 March.

Image: Kings of Pain

HISTORY Play is the number one place to catch up on incredible award-winning documentaries and factual television shows. New original seasons are being added every month, so you never have to watch the same show twice.

The extensive catalogue is available as part of Amazon’s line-up of Prime Video Channels in the UK and Europe for just £3.99 per month. Every month, 10 episodes are available to watch for free, so you can get a taste of the variety of content that you can stream on HISTORY Play.

Make sure you act fast though because the free offer on these episodes must end on 31 March.

Alone: Polar Bear Island – Season 9, Episode 1

Alone is the toughest reality series on television. Ten survivalists are dropped into some of the most remote places on the planet and must survive total isolation. If they can last longer than everyone else, then they claim the $50,000 prize.

In season nine, not only must the participants endure hunger, loneliness and the elements, but they’ll become the hunted as they discover their location is situated deep in polar bear territory. In Northeastern Labrador, Canada, the survivalists must adapt to the harshest of weather conditions while dangerous predators encircle their camps.

Kings of Pain – Season 2, Episode 1

Caveman Rob and Adam Thorn, two of the world’s most expert animal handlers, have been bitten and stung by some of the planet’s deadliest creatures. Journey with them to remote corners of the world as they seek to experience bites and stings from the most poisonous creatures.

To begin season two of Kings of Pain, Rob and Adam take on America’s biggest and most deadly scorpions. These are the Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion and the Arizona Bark Scorpion. They find a surprising – and hugely painful – wake-up call and a new Scorpion King is crowned.

Ideas That Changed the World – Season 1, Episode 1

Ideas That Changed the World tells the amazing story of how humans changed the world forever. This is done with the help of six iconic objects that we take for granted every single day. But these are the secrets of how our modern world got to where it is today, told in an accessible and exciting format.

Episode one covers planes, the incredible machines that have connected the world. British theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili tells the amazing story of how humans got their greatest superpower – the ability to fly.

Ancient Aliens – Season 14, Episode 1

In one of the world’s favourite extraterrestrial television shows, Ancient Aliens examines 75 million years of the most credible evidence found here on Earth. Historians investigate the events, legends and texts that may point toward previous contact between humans and alien life.

Giorgio Tsoukalos returns to look back at some of the most compelling investigations of all and the events that he believes represent encounters with real extraterrestrials. Season 14 begins by looking at the so-called ‘Disclosure Event’. In 2021, the United States government broke a 70-year precedent of denying UFOs. Are they about to reveal the truth?

Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies – Season 1, Episode 1

On Craig Charles: UFO Conspiracies, DJ, actor and long-time UFO enthusiast Craig Charles is joined by astrophysicist and award-winning author Sarah Cruddas. The pair scrutinise compelling evidence relating to some of the most perplexing UFO encounters of recent years. The reveal never before heard testimony to separate fact from fiction and ask: are the unexplained aerial phenomena prowling our skies extra-terrestrial?

In episode one, Craig and Sarah examine the evidence to try and find out if an extra-terrestrial event happened in February 2016. Was a UFO shot down by the RAF above a small town in South Wales?

Curse of the Ancients – Season 1, Episode 1

Professor Alice Roberts looks at one of the most cursed periods in European history: the Middle Ages. Archaeologists reveal how wars, pandemics and cataclysmic floods toppled the world of our ancestors. So how did Western society survive? Curse of the Ancients seeks to find out.

The series premiere goes back to the very beginning to chart the rise of civilisation from 6100BCE to the end of the Bronze Age. Despite being a time of great architecture, literature and the arts, when most of the civilisations suddenly collapsed, the world was plunged into a dark age.

The Toys That Built the World – Season 1, Episode 1

Four-part docuseries The Toys That Built the World showcases the playtime visionaries, such as the Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley and Ruth Handler, who transformed a small toy company into a multi-billion dollar empire. The series unveils competitive rivalries between iconic brands that changed the fabric of the nation forever.

From Slinkies and Silly Putty to Frisbees and Hula Hoops, these seemingly childish inventions changed the way we live our lives forever. Episode one dives into the story of a World War II engineer who accidentally created an iconic spiral toy, while another created a strange substance that becomes famous around the world.

Rust Valley Restorers – Season 3, Episode 1

Rust Valley Restorers follows passionate car fanatic and self-proclaimed ‘Hippie Capitalist’ Mike Hall as he opens a new restoration shop in Tappen, British Columbia, also known as ‘Rust Valley’. Joined by his son, Connor, and his right-hand man, Avery, Mike is on a mission to restore dilapidated classic cars to their former glory.

In the season three premiere, Mike puts his all into the construction of a 71 Camaro to honour a close friend who is battling cancer. The extra special project requires even more thought and deliberation than usual as the ‘Rust Bros’ strive to do a good job.

The Real War of Thrones – Season 2, Episode 1

Using re-enactments of key events during the multiple wars between royalty in Europe, The Real War of Thrones focuses on the hidden side of Europe’s religious wars. With only victory on their mind, the families that ruled the continent utilised brutal power games to crush their enemies.

Season two begins by focusing on the so-called ‘Game of Queens’ in 16th century Europe. In the middle of the Renaissance, the son of Francis I shakes up the foundations of the continent. Henry II, the King of France, secures a claim to the Scottish crown by marrying the young queen Mary Stuart to his heir, the future Francis II.

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman – Season 1, Episode 1

Morgan Freeman steps behind bars and brings to life the most incredible real-life prison breaks of all time. Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman delivers an in-depth look at breakouts from the world’s most renowned prisons. The show also features some of the most notorious escapees such as El Chapo and the Pittsburgh Six.

The first episode covers the death-defying escape from Alcatraz, the maximum-security prison in San Francisco Bay known as ‘The Rock’. Four men conspire to break out of the most notorious prison in US history. Three of them make it to the water’s edge, but what happened to them after they left the island remains a mystery to this day.