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WW2 bomber stripped by Soviet KGB? - Secrets In The Ice


Researchers were left puzzled after finding this crashed US WW2 bomber in Kamchatka, Russia. It had been completely stripped for parts and there was no sign of the crew. What happened? One clue seems to point to bullet holes on the top of the fuselage of the plane, with one theory being that it crash landed after being shot at by Japanese fighters. Was the crashed PV-1 Lockheed Ventura discovered by the KGB? Whatever the answer, this is an enduring mystery of the Second World War. Secrets in the Ice is a brand new factual series that goes to the most remote, cold and inhospitable places on the planet to reveal great mysteries that were once frozen in time. Merging CGI recreations, advanced scanning technology and scientific research, the series investigates the curiosities that have been lost for millennia, or never seen before. This series explores how and why they ended up in the most desolate and distant corners of the planet and contemplates what mysteries might still be concealed in the frozen depths.