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Treasure hunters explore tunnel booby trapped with poison gas - Lost Gold of WWII

Image from Lost Gold of WW2

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A team of American treasure hunters explore a mountain in the Philippines in search of a treasure rumoured to have been buried by General Tomoyuki Yamashita in the closing months of World War II. For 70 years, legends have been told of a buried treasure, shrouded in danger.

During the Second World War, Japan conquered vast sectors of the Pacific. They looted gold, ancient artifacts and a variety of other riches. The Japanese army scavenged all of China and Southeast Asia, Thailand and Taiwan. By 1945, the Japanese knew that it was highly likely they were going to lose the war. As the U.S. forces blocked the way to Japan, General Yamashita, commander of the 14th Area Army, supposedly buried the treasure in the Philippines using prisoners of war as labour. Once everything was buried, General Tomoyuki Yamashita surrenders. When the war ended, he was tried and quickly executed, taking his secret to the grave. The mystery of lost World War II treasure hasn't been solved for 70 years.