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Polish war hammer BATTERS stone statues - Forged in Fire

A stone gargoyle has its head knocked off by a long-handled war hammer

Sorry, this video is no longer available to watch.

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It's not swords or knives this time round as the master bladesmith finalists push themselves to the finish line and recreate piercing Polish War Hammers in an attempt to win $10,000. David Baker and Doug Marcaida are ready to test. Would you prefer to take part as a contestant or testing the weapons? Each week, four of the best bladesmiths in America put both their skills and reputations on the line. The competition is fierce. In the first two rounds, contestants face-off, forging blades they hope can withstand the judges’ grueling tests. Only two smiths will be left standing and continue on to the final round where they’ll have to put it all on the line and create a historic blade. It takes a certain mix of brains and brawn to be crowned the Forged in Fire champion.