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Judge attempts to re-create the intricate Sutton Hoo sword - Forged in Fire

The Sutton Hoo sword

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In the judges' home forge battle, two-time Forged in Fire champion Ben Abbott sets out to create the insanely difficult Sutton Hoo sword. Filmed during the pandemic, it's up to Ben to, not only create the sword, but to film himself creating it.

Found in the burial ground of Sutton Hoo, in modern-day Suffolk, England. The sword was presumably wielded by King Raedwald in the early 7th century. The blade features intricately made pattern welding. Twisting steel and wrought iron to create a unique Damascus pattern. While the handle itself was just as elaborate and was inlaid with golden Garnet. Over 1,300 years later, the sword was painstakingly re-created by Scott Lankton is now on display, alongside the original in the British Museum. The Sutton Hoo sword has an iron pattern-welded blade that is heavily corroded. The blade is wide and tapers slightly towards the pointed tip. Towards the hilt, two circular indents mark the location of the two scbbard studs.