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Heart-shaped stone could lead to $200M gold mine! - Legend of Superstition Mountains

Superstitious Mountain

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A team of gold hunters heads into the allegedly cursed mountain range, known as the Superstition Mountains, in search of lost treasure said to be worth $200 million. The Superstition Mountains is a mountain range based in Arizona located to the east of the metropolitan area of Phoenix.

The Superstition Mountains is 160,000 acres of deadly land with a cursed history. An apache legend claims that an angry god and the mouth to hell lay hidden in these canyons. But gold hunters have still flocked to the site over the centuries because there's also the possibility of 200 million dollars in gold. This 200 million dollar treasure is a lost fortune at the center of a 500-year-old mystery. A mystery that links the conquistadors (a secretive religious order an ancient warrior tribe) and a madman whose discovery created a legend.