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Close up shot of the iron throne
On this day:

Game of Thrones makes its debut

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Fans of dragons and ladies’ chest parts were rejoicing on this day in 2011, as the television phenomena that is Game of Thrones debuted on HBO in the USA. Based on the large fantasy novels of George RR Martin (I believe the RR stands for ‘Really (Great) Riter') the show involves various sets of people, usually wearing furs, trying to get their hands on certain thrones and occasionally hitting each other with big swords.

So far the show has won a record number of Primetime Emmys, provided a record number of viewers for HBO and resulted in a record number of people calling their kids ‘Arya’ or ‘Tyrion’ which will probably lead to a record number of kids called ‘Tyrion’ being made fun of at school. Fans include Barack Obama, David Cameron and Jay-Z who allegedly bought a dragon egg for Beyonce. Or it might have just been a big egg he got from Aldi.