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Suggs (left) and Stephen investigate a bomb they come across on one of their digs.

7 reasons to watch WW2 Treasure Hunters

This autumn, Madness frontman Suggs is trading in his microphone for a spade. Don’t panic. This isn’t the end of Madness, but it is the start of something great, the brand-new HISTORY show WW2 Treasure Hunters.

Alongside Britain’s leading relic hunter Stephen Taylor, Suggs is travelling across the UK to uncover some long-forgotten treasures of the Second World War. Here are six reasons to watch the series.

WW2 Treasure Hunters is fronted by Suggs. His band Madness is one of the most loved in the UK, known for great melodies, witty lyrics and music you can dance too. And let’s face it, like most frontmen, Suggs knows how to have fun. If he’s having a party you want to be there. Here is the bands 1982 hit, 'Our House.'

Madness hit 'Our House'

The pair dig up a tank, a full-blown WW2 tank. Yeah, I don’t think they were expecting it either. Try excavating that…

Suggs flies in a Spitfire, does a bunch of loops and feels quite sick… You try and do flips in a 1930s plane!

Suggs flies in a Spitfire

Suggs getting the chance to fly in a Spitfire.

When we think of the Blitz, cities like London, Coventry and Birmingham come to mind. But, did you know that Liverpool was the most heavily bombed area of the country outside of London? Suggs and Stephen aim to find out why Liverpool is the forgotten city of WW2, just one example of WW2 being shown from a different perspective.

This approach takes the team to new historical locations. In episode one, Suggs heads to The Ribble Estuary, Lancashire, an area of marsh land that carries a secret.

to The Ribble Estuary, Lancashire

The Ribble Estuary, Lancashire, an area of marsh land that carries a secret...

In Lancashire, the team dig up more than they bargained for. Hidden in the wreckage is a bomb. The team are forced to flee the site and call in the bomb squad.

Unsurprisingly nobody wants to take the bomb home, but this isn’t the case for every item they find. Some do have homes to get to and the team do their best to get them there. Take the rusty old dog tag Suggs comes across, which takes the team halfway across the world.