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Vote for what you think is under Oak Island

The arc of the covenant and buried treasure
Could the the Holy Grail be on Oak Island?

The Oak Island Mystery, a 220-year-old search that has driven many to madness. Since the early 19th century, hundreds of wondrous souls armed with spades and diggers have headed to the island in the search for fortune, but none have prevailed.

And so, the question remains, what is on the island? Buried treasure? The secret to eternal life? Or - dare it to be said - nothing?

But fear not viewers, Curse of Oak Island is back and so too are the two men determined to solve the mystery, the Lagina Brothers.

It’s been four exciting years since the dig begun, and as Rick and Marty’s quest moves ever closer we are putting five of the most likely theories up for vote.

Which gets your vote?

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