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Tributes to Dan Blankenship

The Curse of Oak Island's Dan Blankenship has passed away aged 95.

The treasure hunter became obsessed with Oak Island after reading about the mystery in a 1965 Reader's Digest article. He moved to the island in the 1970s to search for the treasure, an endeavour later taken up by Rick and Marty Lagina who over 5 series of 'Curse' have been enthralling viewers with the ongoing search.

Throughout the series, Dan - the original Oak Island treasure hunter - has acted as a sort of father figure to the Lagina brothers and whose experience and knowledge of the island has proved invaluable to the hunt.

The passing of such a legend has touched our viewers far and wide and here are some fond tributes from those who knew Dan or who grew to love him from his appeareances on the show.

Twitter tributes

From everyone at HISTORY:

From Marty Lagina who with his brother, Rick took up the baton from Dan in the hunt to unearth the mystery of Oak Island:

From the official Curse of Oak Island account:

From Paul Troutman, who works as a researcher on Curse of Oak Island:

From Prometheus, the production company behind, The Curse of Oak Island.

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