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Rick and Marty Lagina.

The Lagina Brothers, in their own words

Image: The Curse Of Oak Island

We've speculated, we've theorised, we've guessed, but let's face it, we still don't know exactly what is under Oak Island. But, fear not, while the Lagina brothers continue to dig there's hope. And, these two dreamers from the Midwest are more determined than ever to crack the 220-year-old mystery.

As series five of The Curse of Oak Island gets underway, we've dug up some of Rick and Marty's best interviews to find out some more about them.

"It's the worlds longest running treasure hunt"

Speaking to the hilarious and somewhat confused Stephen Colbert, the brothers attempted to outline the story behind the "worlds longest running treasure hunt."

"There are answers in the swamp"

During a HISTORY 'Ask Rick and Marty' the brothers gave a clue as to what area on the island hold the most promise for a find.

"It's like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory down here"

It's not just buried pirate port the brothers are looking to drink, they also make their own booze. below the brothers take viewers on a tour of their winery. Along with Oak Island, this is clearly one of Marty's big passions, as he says, "winemaking is part science, part art."

"The story is constantly evolving and changing"

The brothers set up a visitors centre on the island that explores the history, "We felt like we wanted to give everyone a proper place where the story could be explained, it's not just about the search, it's about telling the story," says Rick.

"Everything was an adventure for them"

Did you know the brothers also have two sisters? In the interview below, Trace and Mary-Anne talk about the family background and why they love Rick and Marty's shared passion.