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JFK Declassified: Hunting Oswald - Series 1

Image: ©AETN International

Episode 1 - The Iron Meeting

Former CIA agent Bob Baer launches a global investigation into assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Over two million recently declassified government files offer new evidence about Oswald’s activities in the weeks and months before the crime. Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis algorithms to examine these top secret files, Bob makes a staggering discovery: a declassified CIA document reveals that Oswald met with Soviet officials in the Mexico City only 6 weeks before the investigation. Working alongside an elite team of investigative experts, Bob descends upon the Mexican capital in search of answers. On the ground, the team discovers new clues that suggest a deeper connection between Oswald and the Soviet KGB.

Episode 2 - The Russian Network

Newly declassified government documents report that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald met with Soviet officials only 6 weeks before murdering President John F. Kennedy. Now, CIA veteran Bob Baer and his team turn their attention to Moscow, investigating deeper connections between Oswald the Soviet KGB. Venturing into hostile territory, the investigation works covertly to avoid Russian surveillance. On the ground in the Russian capital, the team gains access to Oswald’s original hotel room and manages to track down a former KGB agent who personally met with Oswald in 1963. This key witness offers staggering new details about the most infamous assassin in American history.

Episode 3 - Oswald Goes Dark

CIA veteran Bob Baer has launched a new investigation into assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, following evidence uncovered in recently declassified government files. Now, Bob and his team focus their efforts on Louisiana, where Oswald lived in the months prior to the murder of President Kennedy. Reconstructing Oswald’s timeline in New Orleans, the team uncovers a “dark period”…weeks where no one can account for his whereabouts or activities. During that same period, a declassified document links Oswald to an underground covert CIA operation hidden in the swamps. The team heads into rural Louisiana looking for answers.