Forged in Fire

Top Movie Swords

Featuring some of America’s top blade smiths battling it out to be crowned the ultimate champion, whilst creating blades that perfectly replicate some of history’s most legendary weapons, there is nothing not to like about Forged in Fire. And let’s face it: creating a blade that can cut through a coconut is no mean feat. But even these impressive efforts have got nothing on some of the greatest swords ever made—the ones that appear in films.

Blade smiths take note: these are what you should be aiming for:

Excalibur, Sword and the Stone

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Sure, it was a cartoon sword in a film that also starred a scornful, talking owl, but who didn’t spend their childhood measuring themselves up against Arthur, confident in the fact that given a chance, they would have liberated that sword without so much as breaking a sweat. For that, it’s making the list.

The Power Sword, Masters of the Universe

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The fact that He-Man waves his mighty sword about while practically naked does nothing to diminish its power.

Sword of the Headless Horseman, Sleepy Hollow

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Used by a spectral headless horseman to decapitate the living residents of Sleep Hollow and exact its owner’s revenge: the Sword of the Headless Horseman is a weapon as worthy as any for this list.

Sword of the Witch-King, Lord of the Rings

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Come on, guys: the Witch-King’s sword is on fire. Nothing more needs to be said.

Sword of the Daywalker, Blade

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“He makes the weapons; I use them.” Few things are able to better a sword that takes on the un-dead and wins as happens in Blade. The same applies to Wesley Snipes’ performance in the film’s final fight scene. 

The Green Destiny, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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The Green Destiny’s inherent superiority as a weapon is demonstrated by the fact that you have to be considered worthy to be able to wield it. This is no ordinary sword, here.

The Sword of Inogo Montoya, Princess Bride

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The greatest sword ever crafted by the world’s finest swordmaker that was then used to avenge the death of said great swordmaker: that is pure poetry.

Almost everything in Kill Bill

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A cheat here because there are so many fine examples, but there is nothing to be gained trying to choose between the Bride, Elle Driver and O-Ren Ishii and that’s not even including all the other swords to be seen across the two part series (this ignoring the fact that the Bride’s Hattori Hanzo ultimately kills everyone, making it technically superior). Moving on.

The Claymore, Braveheart

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Mel Gibson as William Wallace hoisting the Claymore over his head before charging into battle to separate limbs from bodies means it ranks as one of the all time greatest swords in movie history. There is no beating that moment or that sword. Except for possibly…

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, Star Wars

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Because a lightsaber is always going to win out over every other possible weapon, every time.