Duck Dynasty

Top 10 beards on HISTORY

There are plently of beards in our shows and we have found our top 10. Find out who has made our top beards right here.

10. Kowboy: Not so much a beard as a vast soul patch, or is it an edited goatee? Well not really as the accompanying beard isn’t evident. Whatever it is, Kowboy’s facial hair is at once all things to every man, and no man, at the same time.


9. Danny the Count: You could pretty much count how many hairs he’s got on his face. More of an exercise in stubble management than a beard, Danny’s got to leave off the clippers for a good few more weeks if he wants a chance at the top slot.

8. Hugh Rowland: Count, take note. Hugh’s classic goatee, which incorporates a moustache and the lesser spotted ‘Van Dyke’, does him proud. But he’s a lot of razor-work to contend with to keep that lot neat and tidy. Come on Hugh, let it go!



7. Corey Harrison: Now there’s a guy who has publicly embraced the beard. Initially, Corey was like any other clean-shaven young man, albeit with more than a passing resemblance to Peter Griffin, but look at him now with his long hair, whiskers and knowing smile. Good work, Corey.



6. Jarrod Shultz: That’s more like it, a lovely big full beard. No complaints here… But maybe it’s a little too tidy? I’ll wager Jarrod is fond of his clippers, on the one hand he’s released himself from the drudgery of shaving yet remains slavishly addicted to the buzz of a hair stylist. 



5. Marty: Not so Marty, he’s gone the whole hog. I can’t even see his mouth and his beard appears to be growing from right out of his nostrils. Is there a thing as too-much beard? If so, Marty may be the embodiment of it. I will say this about it though, it’s honest.


4. Si Robertson: A perfect example of controlled chaos. Sure, he’s a massive, mature beard that grows freely with impunity but Si’s taken the time to cut a hole under his ‘tache for ease of access to his mouth; Si far, Si good.



3. Tony Bennet: We’re on the podium already, Tony has one of those beards that only a person of his size and stature can carry off. He’s the best example here of a man born to be hairy; trying to imagine him shorn of his whiskers is nigh on impossible. That beard, like Tony, is free to do what it wants, when it wants.


2. Willie Robertson: On the surface of it Willie is a prime example of what you can achieve by combining time with minimum grooming effort. But look more closely, Willie’s beard is by far the most luxuriant here and the way it blends in with those conditioned brunette locks indicates that his beard gets far more attention than he’d admit to. Come on, Willie, what’s the story here?



And the winner is....

1. Owen Mercon: If Willie is the last word in subtle grooming, Owen is the first. Offset by that forehead, Owen’s beard seems more dynamic than the rest. It may not be the greatest beard on this list but he seamlessly manages to combine all those elements that shout ‘beard’ whilst retaining that quintessential sense of presentiment. It’s even possible that it sees a pair of scissors once in a while but who cares, Owen doesn’t, and that’s why he’s number one. 



Jamie Dwelly