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 A replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean is shown at the Cars of the Hollywood Screen car show.

Top 10 Movie Cars of All Time

The Back to the Future DeLorean | Image: Erin Cadigan/Shutterstock

10) 1966 Thunderbird Convertible

Perhaps most famous in its destruction, the green Thunderbird Convertible driven by Thelma and Louise is used as a fatal escape from the police. In 2013 videogame Grand Theft Auto V, you can find a pair of women re-enacting the iconic Grand Canyon dive in the middle of the desert.

9) Herbie

Herbie, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle which can drive itself, made its cinematic debut in 1968’s The Love Bug. The Beetle was picked after crew members petted, rather than tested it in a line-up that contained Toyotas and Volvos. The usually white interior was painted grey to avoid camera glare.

8) Mustang 390 GT

The Mustang 390 GT is Detective Frank Bullitt’s vehicle of choice in the 1968 film. Determined that the audience should see him doing his own stunts, star Steve McQueen made a point of keeping his head close to the window during the iconic 10 minutes, 53 seconds long chase sequence.

7) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, featured in the 1968 film of the same name, was named after a series of 1920s race cars which had used huge aircraft engines in their design. Created especially for the film, actor Dick Van Dyke described it as having ‘the turning radius of a battleship’.

6) V8 Pursuit Special Interceptor

(Okay, so the car in the picture isn't exactly the same one used in the film, you have to use your imagination on this one. If you don't have an imagination, here's a link to help you - Mad Max car)

Featured in 1973’s Mad Max, the Pursuit Special is actually a Ford Falcon Coupe customised with eight additional exhausts, a nose cone and superficial supercharger. After production ended, it toured shopping centres for promotion. Put up unsuccessfully for sale, the car was left for the filmmakers’ use in the sequel.

5) The Batmobile

The Dark Knight’s iconic vehicle has seen a number of transformations throughout the years. The jet-inspired Batmobile in 1989’s Batman had fully functional gadgets, and the original roof had to be adjusted to fit the pointy ears of Batman’s cowl. In the contemporary trilogy, it more closely resembles a tank.

4) ECTO-1

This modified 1959 Cadillac is the Ghostbusters’ vehicle of choice. Originally all-black, this changed after realising it would not show up well during night sequences. The vehicle’s disrepair in the sequel was real: it eventually broke down on the Brooklyn Bridge, and the film makers were fined for obstructing traffic.

3) Mini Cooper S

Featured in the climax of 1969’s The Italian Job, three Mini Coopers are vital to the gang’s heist. Infamous for evading the Italian police via a sewer pipe, the three Minis are always shown in the order of red, white and blue throughout – the colours of the British Union Flag.

2) Delorean DMC-12

In 1985’s Back to the Future, Doc Brown uses the Delorean to travel through time by hitting the speed of 88mph. Deliberately selected because of its ‘alien’ appearance, only three of the original Deloreans used still exist: two belong to Universal Studios, and one is part of a private collection.

1) Aston Martin DB5

This is the iconic James Bond car. First seen in 1964’s Goldfinger, the Aston Martin DB5 was equipped with a number of inventive additions, including an ejector seat and wheel spikes. The revolving license plate was suggested by director Guy Hamilton, who had been through a spate of parking tickets.