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Arminius (played by Tom Hopper)

Physically massive wild tribesmen: bearded, pale skinned, dark-haired and ruggedly dressed in wolf furs.

Tribe: Cherusci

Regions: Germania

Born in Germania around 18 B.C., Arminius and his brother Flavus were heirs of a high-ranking Cherusci family. Like many German tribes, warfare was a way of life for the Cherusci, but after the tribe’s defeat, the boys were both sent to Rome as hostages, per custom designed to Romanize the barbarians. In Rome, they were educated, trained as soldiers and given Roman citizenship. Arminius rose through the military ranks,fighting in campaigns throughout the Eastern provinces, and was eventually promoted to the elite Equestrian Order, the most exalted group in Rome besides the Senate.

Around 7 A.D., Arminius was dispatched back to his homeland in Germania to help keep the peace. There he found his people heavily taxed by the Roman governor, Varus, and treated as slaves. It wasn’t long before he began to think of rebellion, but with loyalties on both sides, Arminius would have to tread carefully. He secretly gathered support from neighboring tribes in order to form a German coalition to stand up to the occupiers. Arminius had the advantage of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Roman army, but that would not be enough to face legions of trained soldiers. He needed a clever plan; what followed was an epic double cross that completely changed the game for Rome in Germania.