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David Bowie

Celebrity Alien Stories

David Bowie | Image: Everett Collection / Shutterstock

On Ancient Aliens we explore the theories that aliens visited ancient civilisations. But according to these celebrities, aliens are still among us. Check out these celebrity alien encounters:

Fran Drescher

Star of The Nanny and Happily Divorced Fran believe both she and her ex husband, Peter Marc Jacobson were abducted by aliens. Apparently years before they met, they both had similar experiences while driving with their fathers. Fran says they were abducted and had implants placed in their hands and both have the "same hand scar" to this day.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Our very own Giorgio claims to have seen a UFO. He says, "On August 8, 2014, along with 26 other people, with night-vision goggles, in Joshua Tree at the Contact in the Desert Conference around midnight, where we saw stars inside the Big Dipper, which obviously didn't belong there, and after 10 minutes of observing those two stars, they began to move equidistant from each other up into space, or into darkness of the night sky."

Elvis Presley

Elvis claimed many connections to extraterrestrials. When he was born his family and family doctor remember an unexplainable light beaming over Elvis' family home. Elvis recalled that when he was 8 years old he was telepathically visited by aliens who showed him a future vision of "a man wearing a white suit singing to a crowd." He also said to have seen many UFO's in his adulthood, particularly strange, moving lights when travelling through deserts at night.

David Bowie

From his classic song "Life on Mars?" to starring in the movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth," David's work long reflected his fascination with extraterrestrials. But in a case of life imitating art, David claims to have seen genuine UFOs many times. As a child he said he saw so many UFO's that he simply got used to them, and as an adult saw an unidentifiable object hovering over a field that he believed was "a projection of my own mind trying to make sense of this quantum topological doorway into dimensions beyond our own."

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams took a break from his singing career and public life in 2006 to study aliens. After supposedly experiencing three UFO encounters, he began attending UFO seminars and conferences, and has connected with many fellow UFO enthusiasts. He even said a UFO visited him when he wrote the alien themed song "Arizona" claiming, "I had just finished writing a song called Arizona, which is about alien abduction, when there was this glow. It was magic."

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad had a lifelong interest in UFOs, and claimed to have seen and been watched by UFOs on sixteen different occasions and even saw a "mothership." He said, "If you look up in the sky in the early morning, you see them playing tag between the stars."

Olivia Newton-John

Aged 15, Olivia says she saw a silver flying object at "amazing speeds" in the Cambridge countryside. Since then she's been a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life and was quoted saying, "In England most people now think UFOs are possible. Twenty years ago, how many people would have thought that?"

William Shatner

Quite fittingly, William Shatner, who famously played Captain James Kirk, is a UFO believer. While he admits to having lied about seeing a UFO in the Mojave Desert in 1969, he is still a firm believer in their existence saying, "There is no doubt that there is life out there; the mathematics of it lead you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems — teems! — with life in all its form." He is even in the process of writing a novel about alien abduction.