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Smoke billowing from the Queen Elizabeth ship

Secrets of the Lost Liners: Episode Guide

The Queen Elizabeth was instrumental in the Allies war effort, but she met an untimely end in Hong Kong Harbour

Secrets of The Lost Liners is a marine history series charting the design, service, and loss of some of the world’s greatest ocean liners. Including art-deco icons, luxury floating palaces, and national symbols, this six-part documentary covers 100 years of extravagant ships that pushed the boundaries of engineering and design, but which, one-by-one, were tragically lost through conflict, accident, or human error.

With unprecedented access to experts and historians and never-before-seen footage, Secrets of the Lost Liners uncovers each ship’s storied past.

The show will get its UK premiere as part of Sky HISTORY's Summer of Secrets on Wednesday, 27th July at 9pm.

Episode One: Normandie - Wednesday, 27th July

The most expensive and extravagant ocean liner ever built, a symbol of French national pride attracting the super wealthy. But this art deco icon would end up destroyed by fire in New York. Was her doom due to shadowy World War II sabotage?

Episode Two: Queen Elizabeth - Wednesday, 3rd August

This floating palace became part of a cunning plan by the British Government to help defeat Hitler. Instrumental in helping turn the tide of the war, why did the treasured Queen Elizabeth end up coming to such an undignified end in Hong Kong Harbour?

Episode Three: Andrea Doria - Wednesday, 10th August

Launching in the 1950s, the Andrea Doria was the envy of other shipping lines and attracted the cream of Hollywood glamour. But on her 51st voyage across the Atlantic to America, she never made it. How could this vessel with the latest navigation equipment flounder on the high seas?

Episode Four: Rex - Wednesday, 17th August

The pride of Mussolini's dictatorship, the Rex broke many records in terms of technical abilities and a new level of luxury at sea. Avoiding being turned into a troop ship and hidden in relative safety throughout WWII, why was she still attacked by the Allies?

Episode Five: Cap Arcona - Wednesday, 24th August

This German flagship doubled up in a 1942 version of the Titanic made as a propaganda film by the Nazis. But her end would be equally tragic with an even greater loss of life. Over 5000 souls would perish on board, but which country was to blame?

Episode Six: SS America - Wednesday, 31st August

One of the longest-serving liners in history, the SS America found life as a much-loved cruise ship. How could such seemingly minor events see her gallant life end as a wreck on the shores of The Canary Islands in the 1990s?