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Uncle Bertie in Royal Mob

Everything you need to know about 'Royal Mob'

Image: Royal Mob

Royal Mob is a brand new documentary-drama that lifts the lid on the family tensions and rivalries that plunged the world into one of the bloodiest wars of all time. The show interweaves sumptuous drama with historical analysis from a cast of experts, to give greater context to the unbelievable true story.

Here are these answers to some of the most asked questions ahead of the show's eagerly-anticipated premiere.

What was 'the Royal Mob'?

'Royal Mob' was the term Queen Victoria used to describe her extended family that stretched out all over Europe, from Great Britain in the west to Russia in the east. In total, she had 9 children, 42 grandchildren and 87 great-grandchildren.

Numerous feuds broke out between different members of the family as they each vied for more power. However, during her reign, Queen Victoria remained in control of everything.

What is Royal Mob about?

The show tells the story of the family rivalries through the eyes of Queen Victoria's favourite granddaughters. The Hesse sisters were the daughters of Princess Alice who tragically passed away from diptheria at the age of 35.

Princesses Victoria, Ella, Alix and Irene would each marry off into one of the great Royal houses of Europe. However, as the in-fighting continues, the series moves towards a deadly conclusion with the outbreak of WWI.

Amongst the drama is interjection from world-renowned historians as the ideas of toxic masculinity and attitudes towards disability and sexuality are laid out for all to see.

It's the tale of the most compelling, yet dysfunctional families of all time. Of the three royal families which went to war, only one survived.

What channel is Royal Mob on?

Royal Mob is exclusively airing on Sky HISTORY. Each of the four episodes will be available on Sky 123, Virgin 270 and TalkTalk 327.

When is Royal Mob on?

The first episode of Royal Mob, titled 'Four Sisters' is premiering on Monday, 7 November at 9pm. New episodes will then air weekly at the same time.

Who plays Queen Victoria on Royal Mob?

Queen Victoria, or 'Gan-Gan' as she is known to her granddaughters, is brilliantly portrayed by Michele Dotrice. Best known for her role as Betty Spencer in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Michele followed in the footsteps of her parents, both of whom were prominent stage actors.

Michele made her acting debut at 14, playing a supporting role in the series The Old Curiosity Shop. She then appeared in the 1966 film The Witches.

It was the British sitcom Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, that made her a household name in the UK. The show premiered in 1973 and became an instant success, with Michele appearing in all its episodes until 1978.

Most recently, she was seen playing one of the key roles in the British drama film Starfish.

Which historians contribute to Royal Mob?

Six historians feature in Royal Mob and give their expert analysis to support the story. Miranda Carter is an expert on the British royal family and her book – The Three Emperors ­­– covers George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Tsar Nicholas II as they embark on the treacherous road to war.

Onyeka Nubia is a pioneering and internationally recognised historian who is reinventing our perceptions of the Renaissance, black studies and intersectionalism. Historical heavyweight Simon Sebag-Montefiore has a formidable depth of knowledge and is the author of The Romanovs 1613-1918 which covers the whole history of the Romanov monarchy.

Princess Olga Romanoff is the great-niece of Tsar Nicholas II and has made several on-screen appearances to discuss the Romanovs’ fall from power. Irish-Nigerian historian Emma Dabiri focuses on race as seen through the prism of class, capitalism and colonialism, and is the author of two highly-acclaimed books.

Finally, Katja Hoyer is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and is an expert in the build-up to WWI as the author of The Rise and Fall of the German Empire 1871-1918.