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Within minutes, it descended into chaos - Secret Wars Uncovered

Somalian children holding military guns

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In October 1993, an elite battle unit of the US army began a fairly straight-forward mission in Somalia's capital Mogadishu. "On gaining independence in 1960, British Somaliland merges with Italian Somaliland creating a new republic called Somalia. On paper this should be a happy union. Most of the population have similar ethnic backgrounds, they also speak the same language but the reality is very different." Secret Wars Uncovered reveals the facts behind battles we know barely anything about. Digging deep into the archives and quizzing experts and journalists, this UK series takes the audience through some of the most controversial, covered up and shocking military events of recent times. Through animated graphics, Sky HISTORY investigates the advanced weaponry and undercover strategies that assisted these secret operations. With the help of military experts, diplomats, and ex-army personnel, we dig into what special forces including the SAS and CIA were really doing. To what lengths have these countries gone to defend what they believe in or take back what they claim to be rightly theirs? How and why were many of these operations kept secret?