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What secrets are this all-powerful family hiding? - Royal Mob

Royal Mob family photo

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Life as a royal should be one of relaxation and luxury. But for Princess Victoria and her three sisters its anything but. After all, when you’re a part of the most powerful family on earth there’s sure to be a little drama. Royal Mob was the term Queen Victoria herself used to describe her huge, extended family. Her “favourites” were the glamorous and strong-willed Hesse sisters – the four daughters of her second daughter, Princess Alice; the first of Victoria’s children to predecease her, dying tragically young of diphtheria aged just 35. Through the eyes of these four remarkable young women - Princesses Victoria, Ella, Alix and Irene - each of whom married into one of the great Royal houses of Europe, this series lifts the lid on the family tensions and rivalries which set cousin against cousin, monarch against monarch, and saw millions plunged into the bloodiest conflict the world had ever known.