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The Mary Rose and the People of Tudor England - Not What You Thought You Knew


The Mary Rose and the People of Tudor England (S1E1)

In this episode, we're going back to the year 1545. Henry VIII is king, married to his sixth and final wife Catherine Parr, and off the coast of Portsmouth with July wind in their sails lies a gigantic french fleet 150 warships, 25 war galleys, and over 30,000 troops have been brought to the Solent their mission to capture Portsmouth and conquer England.

From the battlements of south sea castle, king Henry stands watching as his tiny naval defense force. Only 80 ships face down this invading fleet. Leading the defense of England is the huge imposing British warship the Mary Rose. With almost 100 guns over 200 sailors and nearly 200 soldiers on board, the Mary Rose was an incredibly imposing sight but this was to be her last fight and before the battle had even really got underway King Henry was brought terrible news. His famous warship had been sunk blown over by an unexpected gust of wind and pulled under by the water that flooded into her open gunports.