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The Circle Octagon: Ancient geometric marvel in America - Mysteries From Above


Explore the awe-inspiring Circle Octagon, a monumental ancient structure discovered in the United States. Comprising eight linear mounds forming the walls of a giant octagon spanning 50 acres, this site holds immense cultural and religious significance. To put its scale in perspective, it could fit the Roman Colosseum four times over. Join us as we uncover this mysterious archaeological marvel and its nearby counterpart, the Great Circle, located just kilometers away. These enigmatic earthworks, reminiscent of ancient sites like Stonehenge and Mayan ruins, pose profound questions about early civilizations in America. Delve into the findings of 19th-century archaeologists who first mapped these mounds, revealing astonishing insights into their construction and purpose. Don't miss this intriguing exploration of America's ancient past on Mysteries From Above.