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The Ancient Egyptian mummy with a Greek occupant - Digging for the Truth

A sarcophagus

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Her name has been immortalised in legend, but how did Cleopatra become the last of the pharaohs? Josh Bernstein is on the hunt for clues. Cleopatra has been heralded as Egypt's great beauty, a queen so irresistible that she seduced the likes of Caesar and Marc Anthony and nearly brought Rome to its knees. But, as Josh Bernstein finds out, it wasn't her beauty that captivated. Cleopatra was perhaps the most intelligent and cunning of Egypt's rulers. Unlike her predecessors, she took pains to learn the different languages of the region she controlled and she knew the value of good PR. So, how did she become the last of the pharaohs? Josh goes beyond the legend to uncover the real Cleopatra.