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Real ghost caught on camera - The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd

Black and white image appearing to show a ghostly female figure in a doorway

Sorry, this video is no longer available to watch.

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The Waverly Hills Sanatorium was opened in 1910 to house patients suffering from Tuberculosis. Before the advent of antibiotics, this deadly disease claimed the lives of 50% of its victims. This meant that tens of thousands of people breathed their last in this gothic building, making it one of the most haunted sites in America. Brace yourself for The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd. Each hour-long episode opens up a cabinet of curiosities to reveal the strangest true stories in human history. Watch as these tantalising tales come to life through dynamic recreation, compelling graphics and arresting archival. From Boston's Great Molasses Flood to a man who survived being struck by lightning seven times, these seemingly-fictitious stories all actually happened. It's a bizarro barrage of people, places and events that proves just how weird our world can be.