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Mary Anning: The Pioneering Fossil Hunter - Not What You Thought You Knew Podcast


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A well-known celebrity in her day, we have somewhat struggled to appreciate the incredible weight of what Mary Anning's discoveries of ancient marine reptiles meant at the time for a burgeoning science. We speak to Dr Aubrey Roberts, a palaeontologist at the University of Oslo, Norway, and affiliated with the London Natural History Museum, and Dr Rebekah Higgitt, a historian of science and senior lecturer at the Centre for the History of the Sciences at the University of Kent, about Mary Anning: who she was, the discoveries she made and her long-lasting legacy in the field of palaeontology. Not What You Thought You Knew explores some little-known characters from history and reveals not just their incredible story but also why they’re so important for our view of what history looked like.