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King Charles will have his revenge - Royal Kill List

Actor portraying William Prynne smiles while holding the death warrant for Charles I

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It's 1660 and King Charles II has just been reinstated to the British throne following the death of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of the rebellion against his father. But Cromwell wasn't the only man responsible for Charles I's execution, and so his son is on a mission to exact revenge on all those who played a part in the death of his father. Royal Kill List follows King Charles II’s hunt for his father’s killers – the Regicides - as a window into a remarkable and often overlooked historical period to explore how we became the nation we are today. Told through dramatic reconstruction, with three of Britain’s leading actors serving as primary storytellers – Sheila Atim for the Royalists, Jared Harris for the Regicides, and Joseph Fiennes for King Charles II – this epic series plays out as a Jacobean tragedy detailing the king’s lifelong obsession to hunt down and kill those responsible for his father’s death and his own exile.