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Creepy abandoned military base conceals dark history - Secrets in the Ice

A creepy abandoned military base surrounded by snow

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Soldiers had to leave this military base so quickly that food was left in cupboards and magazines on tables. During the Cold War with the threat of nuclear retaliation increasing, the US built a 'Distant Early Warning' station to monitor for any incoming missiles or aircraft. This is the story of one of those. Secrets in the Ice is a brand new factual series that goes to the most remote, cold and inhospitable places on the planet to reveal great mysteries that were once frozen in time. Merging CGI recreations, advanced scanning technology and scientific research, the series investigates the curiosities that have been lost for millennia, or never seen before. This series explores how and why they ended up in the most desolate and distant corners of the planet and contemplates what mysteries might still be concealed in the frozen depths.