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Ancient Mysteries Season

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Ancient Mysteries Season

Ancient Mysteries Season features a line-up of brand new and exclusive mysteries from around the globe and some cases closer to home, such as the Richard III ‘King in the car park’ case, and an investigation into the extraordinary story of Scotland’s Rosemarkie Man.

Renowned experts Rod Demery and Professor Turi King are unearthing Ancient and bloody murders, while historical author Philippa Langley and leading archaeologist Professor Richard Buckley are searching for notorious cursed treasure.

Don’t miss all new series of Ancient Murders Unearthed (19th June), Queens of Ancient Egypt (26th June), Cursed Treasures (28th June), Empire Builders (5th July) and Clash of Ancient Warriors (31st July).

Ancient Mysteries season launches with Ancient Murders Unearthed on Monday 19th June.

Starts Monday 19th June


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