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Actor portraying Howard Carter exploring Tutankhamun's tomb

Ancient Mysteries Season, this summer on Sky HISTORY

Image: Cursed Treasures

Take a trip this summer and journey back into ancient history to explore the most captivating unsolved mysteries of all time. With Sky HISTORY’s slate of brand new shows, viewers can seek to solve mysteries that have remained unanswered for centuries.

Ancient Mysteries Season features a line-up of new and exclusive mysteries from close to home and around the ancient globe. These include the baffling ‘King in the Car Park’ case, and an investigation into Scotland's extraordinary ‘Rosemarkie Man’.

Learn all about the brand new shows premiering this summer on Sky HISTORY as part of Ancient Mysteries Season, starting Monday, 19th June.

Ancient Murders Unearthed – Mondays from 19th June at 9pm

Homicide detective Rod Demery and archaeologist and forensics expert Professor Turi King explore the past through the unique lens of criminal psychology and forensic anthropology.

Ancient Murders Unearthed re-tells the stories of infamous and little-known murders and seeks to lift the veil of mystery surrounding them. Time has turned most evidence to dust, but can modern forensic developments be used to help understand the last actions of ancient victims and provide insights into the motives of their killers?

Queens of Ancient Egypt – Mondays from 26th June at 10pm

Drawing on fascinating new discoveries and cutting-edge research, this series tells the stories of three little-known but incredible Egyptian queens, revealing how they became standard bearers for their sex long before the modern era.

From ancient times to the present day, the world has seen many powerful and inspirational women. Egypt was home to the most famous ancient queen, Cleopatra, who has been the subject of countless films and documentaries. However, the country had many other great female monarchs, many of whose names and stories are all but forgotten.

Cursed Treasures – Wednesdays from 28th June at 9pm

Since the dawn of civilisation, humankind has created treasures that celebrate and revere its leaders. Yet the fall of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome left the whereabouts of many of their greatest riches unknown: plundered, hidden or lost to time. These lost worlds captured the imaginations of the greatest philanthropists, collectors and governments of the day.

With vast investment, Andrew Carnegie, Lord Caernarfon and others mounted expeditions that set off in search of the great treasures of the ages. From the Valley of the Kings to the depths of the Aegean Sea, no expense was spared in the hunt for the priceless, mythical objects. However, the pursuit of them sometimes came at the ultimate price for these Cursed Treasures.

Empire Builders – Wednesdays from 5th July at 10pm

Throughout the ages, great empires have come and gone. We are left with their great legacies, monuments, inventions and innovations that transformed history and the way we live. Visiting the sites which most clearly define their achievements and legacies, each episode of this series brings to life these great empires.

Combining CGI and dramatic reconstructions with insights from renowned experts, Empire Builders reveals the story of extraordinary empires that still shape and impact our lives today.

Clash of Ancient Warriors – Mondays from 31st July at 9pm

Clash of Ancient Warriors uses modern science to investigate the mysteries surrounding the most legendary battles from ancient times. Military genius and epic battles have led the greatest civilisations to the pinnacle of glory, but also the brink of collapse.

Join scientists as they hunt for the hidden clues and traces of titanic clashes that could unlock the truth about how one army triumphed and changed the course of history. Unfolding a countdown to annihilation, each episode builds on the scientists’ investigation to retrace, hour by hour, the dramatic chain of events that would ultimately lead one side to a bloody victory.