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A man's holding first generation iPhone
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First generation iPhone goes on sale in US

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"This is only the beginning"

Apple Marketing Campaign

If you are reading this deliciously splendid article via some sort of ‘app’ on one of these so-called ‘smart telephones’, then today is a day that you need to recognise and revel in. It was on June 29th 2007 that the first generation of Apple iPhones went on sale in the United States. Announced by an excited and turtlenecked Steve Jobs the previous January, expectation was violently high and many camped outside stores so they could get their sweaty mitts on the handset. Which was unfortunate as sweat didn’t do the screen any favours whatsoever. It is thought that between 250,000 and 700,000 iPhones were shipped in the first weekend alone, which is not too shabby considering that at the time the phone was restricted to one network and had to be purchased with a credit card (so they knew who had one). The iPhone has gone on to become a design icon and a technological game-changer. And, thanks to them, no one ever looks where they are going when walking down the street. Hurrah!

Facts on the first iPhone

- The first iPhone had touch screen capabilities.

- 6.1 million units were sold.

- The marketing slogan for the device was 'Apple reinvents the phone,' a statement that time has proved right.

- The 4G model was the cheapest at $499.

- There was no App Store in 2007, this wasn't launched until a year later.