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First ever episode of The Goon Show

Goon But Not Forgotten

If you’re a fan of incredibly, incredibly, incredibly stupid comedy, then this is an anniversary that you need to recognise. On the 28th of May 1951, an unsuspecting British public turned on their wireless sets and were confronted by the first ever episode of The Goon Show. This innovative, influential, groundbreaking and completely insane comedy... Read more >

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The Appeal for Amnesty Campaign is launched

On this day in 1961, the British newspaper The London Observer publishes British lawyer Peter Benenson's article "The Forgotten Prisoners" on its front page, launching the Appeal for Amnesty 1961 – a campaign calling for the release of all people imprisoned in various parts of the world because of the peaceful expression of their beliefs. Benenson was inspired to write the appeal after readin... Read more >