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Poet Dylan Thomas is born

Author and poet Dylan Thomas is born in Swansea, Wales on 27th October 1914. Thomas established himself in 1934 with Eighteen Poems, a collection of emotionally and sexually charged pieces. His writing was celebrated for its forceful sound and rhythm, and the poet was acclaimed for readings of his own work. In 1953, he was on a reading tour of the United States when he died of an alcohol overdo... Read more >

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Getting Kitty With ItWe are entering that spooky time of the year featuring streets teeming with all sorts of ghosts, ghouls and, this year for some reason, killer clowns. So it seems the perfect occasion to celebrate everything black cat. Yes, today is the annual Black Cat Appreciation Day where the most witch-associated moggy is given its due. The day was initiated by the Cat Protection Leagu... Read more >

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Avalanche buries homes in Iceland

An unusually large avalanche buries homes and kills 20 people in Flateyri, Iceland, on this day in 1995. This disaster was the second deadly avalanche in the region that year. Ten months earlier, on January 17, the small fishing village of Sudavik had suffered a devastating avalanche in which 16 residents lost their lives. The incident illuminated the dangers of living in historically avalanche... Read more >

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Cambodian troops battle Communists north of Phnom Penh

Fighting intensifies as Cambodian government forces battle with Khmer Rouge, Viet Cong, and North Vietnamese forces northeast of Phnom Penh. In March 1970, a coup led by Cambodian General Lon Nol had overthrown the government of Prince Norodom Sihanouk in Phnom Penh. Lon Nol and his army, the Forces Armees Nationale Khmer (FANK), with U.S. support and military aid, fought the Communist Khmer Ro... Read more >